Transitional Services, Inc.
Transitional Services, Inc.

Health Home Services

Transitional Services, Inc. offers Health Home care management services to Medicaid eligible individuals.;

What are Health Home Services?

A Health Home is a Medicaid program designed to assist individuals in obtaining services they need in their community. These services enable individuals to stay healthy and improve their mental and social well-being.

Who is eligible?

Individuals with active Medicaid and:

  • A serious mental illness or
  • HIV/AIDS or
  • 2 or more chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes, a substance use disorder or a mental health condition

What can you expect if you enroll:

You will be assigned a care manager who can help you by:

  • Assist you in obtaining medical/mental/substance abuse services
  • Develop a person-centered care plan to meet your goals
  • Assist you in communicating with your medical/mental/substance use providers
  • Assist you in connecting with social and community resources
  • Help you to lead a healthier life

Transitional Services, Inc.